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Studiengruppe: PALG

Kurzbezeichnung PALG
Name Polish Adult Leukaemia Group
Beschreibung Polish Adult Leukaemia Group was founded with the inspiration of Prof. Jerzy Holowiecki, Head of the Dept. of Haematology and BMT, Silesian Medical Academy in Katowice, based on his experience concerning co-operation with international scientific study groups (CALGB, SAAK, IGCI). Between 1975-1979, nine haematological university centres started to collect their data on acute leukaemias in order to perform joint analyses on the outcome of these diseases in Poland. The PALG was formally founded in 1980 and Prof. Holowiecki became its chairman and co-ordinator. Between 1980-2003 ten clinical protocols were investigated for AML (including: DA 3+7 +/- HD-AraC, ICE + HD consolidation, modified double induction, DAC-7 vs. DA-7 study, DAC vs. DAF vs. DA), and seven protocols for ALL (including: GM-CSF during induction and consolidation, G-CSF during induction and consolidation, PegAsp vs. native Asp, MRD-adjusted therapy). Several studies were conducted in co-operation with other international study groups ie. IGCI, BFM, AML Coop Study Group, Scandinavian AL Group. Currently, 16 Polish haematological university departments and four non-university hospitals take part in the PALG, covering all regions of Poland. Since 2003, the PALG works formally as Society.

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